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Frankline Oroo

Frankline is a young man from an impoverished community around Lake Naivasha.  Before joining Inua Partners in Hope, Frankline was living with his older brother Kennedy. Their parents died when they were young children.  Frankline’s brother was able to support the family through small jobs and the two brothers both completed high school.  After school, Frankline and Kennedy had to work small low-paying jobs in order to fulfill their basic needs and take care of their younger brother Brian and sister Beryl.  When Frankline joined the Inua ministry, he was quiet, shy, and walked around with shoulders slumped and eyes down.

Now, God has done some amazing work in Frankline’s life.  Not only has Frankline completed his training in Electrical Installation, but now he is serving as the project coordinator for the Karagita group garden.  This group garden is one of the most successful projects that the Inua youth have taken on and we know that so much of its success is due to Frankline’s hard work and dedication.  With God’s help and Inua’s guidance Frankline has completely transformed his life and he takes each step with such love for the Lord.  Frankline’s way of humbly leading his fellow youth is so inspiring and we are so grateful to watch as God uses his hands in Frankline’s life and in the greater Naivasha community. 

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