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Step 1: Hope Restored - Christ & Community


Loneliness and hopelessness are real parts of life as an orphan in Naivasha. To restore hope, Inua youth experience God’s love in small group settings of 15-25 youth from the same neighborhood. These Youth Groups meet weekly under the guidance of a neighborhood mentor and Inua staff. As they begin the journey of spiritual and emotional encouragement and accountability together, they eagerly become a community of extended family to one another.


“I have found friends in the group I consider as brothers and sisters whom I can share my sadness, happiness and life experience with them.” – Mary, Inua Youth

Step 2: Life Skills Training


Staff members, group mentors and community partners provide training and support to the youth to help them reach their goal of a healthy, safe and financially secure household. Inua youth are taught basic life skills such as health and hygiene, communication, self esteem, organization, food security, and household budgeting.

"It is a pleasure to have someone who cares for your welfare, yet they are not related to you by blood.  So, I am really thankful for your support..."  - Kelvin, Inua Youth

Step 3: Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship

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Inua helps meet basic household needs, sends siblings to school, and provides funding so that the Inua youth can gain a marketable skill that will last a lifetime. Popular career choices include hairdressing, mechanic, agribusiness, hospitality, welding, and masonry. Following vocational and entrepreneurship training, the Inua youth can receive funding to start a business of their own, with Inua staff to guide them.

"I thank God for my life and the changes He is making. In my mechanic training, I am learning many skills and am able to do some wiring."  - Mercy, Inua Youth

Inua is a transformational ministry that works to expand the opportunities for vulnerable  youth to overcome poverty, insecurity, malnutrition, and illness in order to achieve long-term sustainability…and a life filled with hope. Each participating youth is selected by village elders or community leaders based on age, location, need, orphan status, and potential for growth.  

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