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The Inua Team



Co-Founder & Program Director

Paul is a pastor and elder in the United Methodist Church, serving as Dean of Superintendents in Kenya. A leader in his community, he is renowned for advocating change. He also holds a degree in psychology and counseling, and he delights in helping his people move toward self- actualization. He has spent most of his time in the ministry serving and advocating for the needy and the less fortunate. An avid volunteer for most of his life, Paul has also served as chairman on many boards including government public schools, bursaries, interfaith groups, government relief programs, and peace and reconciliations. He has been a member of the probation department and other welfare programs for both government and community. Rev. Matheri was a key instrument in the foundation and formation of Inua Partners in Hope, where he serves as Director and counselor.




United States

Mia Thomas: Chairman
Laura Blackmore: Vice-Chair // Treasurer

Carlin Beekman: Secretary

Dr. Lynn M. Berringer: Director

Frank Hofmeister: Director

Mark Leggett: Director 
Ivor Singer: Director

Dave Olsen: Director

Evanne Mines: Director

Laura Toshie: Director

Michael Linn: Chairman Emeritus
Amy McKenna: Chairman Emeritus 

Rachel DeLaune: Pastor FUMCWP
Lloyd Jaeger: Pillar Leader

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