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Philip Njuguna

Philip has never known his father and at the young age of 9, his mother passed away.  Philip dropped out of high school so he could work low-paying, casual jobs and earn money to survive. He lives with his older sister Caroline, who also lacks regular income.  

Philip came to Inua without skills, self-sustainability or hope.  Just half way through the program, Philip’s life has dramatically improved and transformed completely.  Philip dedicated himself to this ministry and follows its program closely in order to improve his life. Philip was chosen as the chairperson of the Kabati group and leads his group members with such grace and confidence that he was later chosen to lead the entire zone of neighborhoods close to town in extracurricular activities. Philip planned and executed soccer practices and team formation so that the whole program could hold a soccer tournament and enjoy a fun day together. 

Although Philip came to Inua not knowing exactly what he wanted to do, he is now confident and excited about video production.  Not only does Philip have this internal confidence, but he is very qualified after completing training, creating a business plan, and receiving his Inua startup kit which will help him to have his very own video production business.  Philip has a way of loving the youth and community members so well while leading them in their path with Christ.  We are so proud of all Philip has accomplished and thankful for the beautiful way that he has come to the Inua program and spread the love of this ministry to his community.

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