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Rose Nafula

When Rose joined Inua Partners in Hope, she was living in Kamere which is an impoverished area right outside of the main Naivasha town.  As a child, both of Rose’s parents passed away so she no longer had someone providing funds for her schooling and life needs so she had to drop out of school after the 8th grade. After leaving school, Rose had to provide for herself and her remaining family members so she began completing small, low paying jobs for income.  In Kamere, a rural farming and fishing area, Rose lived in a small one room home with her grandmother and 2 year old daughter Daisy at the start of the program.  Because she needed to support herself, her daughter, and her grandmother, Rose had to work casual jobs to supplement her grandmother’s roadside grocery kiosk and meet their basic needs.  At the start of the Inua program, Rose was quiet and shy, she kept her thoughts to herself and she did not express much confidence. 

Now that we are half way through the program, Rose is not only confident, but she has a smile that lights up a room and shines a light on everyone around her.  Rose may be quiet at times, but this young lady is graceful and humble in everything she does.  She loves her grandmother, daughter, and friends so well and we are so lucky to watch her grow in her hope and faith.  Because of Rose’s motivation and passion for becoming successful, Rose completed her training in hairdressing and has opened her very own hair salon as well as getting a home for her and Daisy to stay in.  Because Rose found the Inua ministry, God has used His hands in her life and she will now be able to support herself and her daughter.

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